General Comments

Almost all of my miniatures are intended for gaming use. Very few, usually only those fixed in dioramas and vignettes, are painted strictly for the showcase. Therefore all my minis receive a protective coat of varnish, and the older ones may show some wear from gaming.

I group my miniatures into roughly three different "qualities":

showcase These miniatures were painted with much effort and attention to detail. Many of them were entered into competitions and often did well there. Generally this category means that I was quite satisfied with the way the miniature turned out.
general gaming use This is by far the largest category. These minatures were painted mainly for use in gaming as characters and monsters. They have some details and the general painting quality is what I consider my "average" at the time of painting, but they do lack that extra effort I put into the showcase miniatures.
tabletop This category covers those mass produced rank and file minis that fill most tabletop units, or other miniatures painted up quickly for gaming use. Usually I will not make photos of every mini in a unit but just of two or three as a general example.

This distinction is of necessity rather vague and always based on the time of the paintjob. My painting skill has of course improved over the years, and so what might have been considered showcase quality 15 years ago, would probably only pass as general gaming use nowdays.

One Example of the same miniature painted in the three different Qualities mentioned above:
(Click on the thumbnail to see more and bigger pictures of the miniature.)

Troglodyte Troglodyte Troglodyte
tabletop general gaming use showcase